Our Vision

Our Motto/Vision:

Nurturing hearts, growing minds, opening eyes, imagining futures

Vision Statement:

The aim of our vision is to…

  • Nurture hearts: We want to promote the health and wellbeing of all pupils by ensuring they feel safe and secure in a supportive school environment and through being a part of a thriving local community. We want them to enjoy school and develop empathy and compassion towards others and have the self-confidence and self-belief to succeed. We want to develop in our pupils, a mindset that allows them to be courageous and never give up.
  • Grow Minds: We aim to support our pupil’s growing minds by building their knowledge and understanding through topics which will capture their interest and stimulate their imagination. Our ambition is to provide access to enjoyable and meaningful learning opportunities and experiences that will help to create lifelong memories. We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is appropriate for all and allows individuals to progress, achieve, and reach their full potential. We aim to establish a learning community where all pupils develop good communication skills and are enthusiastic and confident to express their ideas. Where pupils have enquiring minds, can problem-solve, take risks, and are encouraged to develop a love of learning.
  • Open eyes: We aim to promote a diverse curriculum which considers local, national, and global contexts and enables our pupils to understand the world beyond their classroom whilst ensuring their sense of identity as a child living in Wales. We want to encourage creative, curious, and independent learners who are resilient to the challenges they may encounter and act responsibly as both members of the local community and citizens of the world.
  • Imagine futures: We hope to inspire, motivate, and empower our pupils to become life-long learners who can imagine a future, see the possibilities, and have the ambition to live a life beyond their own and have a successful future in an ever-changing and increasingly digital world. We will help them develop the knowledge, skills and learning attributes needed to deal with whatever challenges they may face in their future and to aid them in realising that everyone has a voice. We ultimately aim to show them that anything is possible and that everyone can be someone.