Mrs Nia Davies is our ALNCO in school. Her role is to assess, plan and monitor the progress of children with additional learning needs to ensure they receive the support they need. She is fully supported by all school staff.

Mrs Julie Evans provides support for individual and groups of children across the school. This learning provision can support speech, literacy or numeracy, and is often precision teaching to aid progress.

Miss Alison Michael provides ELSA support. ELSA stands for emotional literacy support assistant. She is well-known and well-liked by the children and provides a quiet and safe space for children to talk and feel secure. Some areas they may work on include recognising emotions, self-esteem, social skills, friendship skills, anger management and loss and bereavement.

Mrs Marie Davies is our ACE’s trained member of staff. ACE’s stands for adverse childhood experiences. These are stressful or traumatic events that can occur during childhood. She provides a nurturing, safe and stable environment to help children learn to cope with adversity and build their resilience.

Mrs Vicky Turner has recently undertaken MeLSA training. MeLSA stands for mediating learning support assistant. She is a school-based learning support assistant whose main focus is helping children become more independent in their learning.